Russian Sex Doll

This is a unique love doll made to reflect the skeletal, body and sexual features of a Russian woman. Male russian dolls are very rare and expensive. You would have to order one which will then be customized according to your specifications. Among the features are three functional openings for your sexual exploits; oral, vagina and anal. The sizes of each were determined on the basis of physical, gynaecologic tests, and characteristic of Russian women.
The Russian sex doll is common in light skinned or white colour, with dark, brunette, blonde and golden hair. She has a slightly longer skeletal female face structure, with a serious sexy look. Her eyes come in dark blue, white or greenish. She generally has sexy legs, feet and body with small or medium sized breasts, hips and butts. Her red or chocolate lips, along with the makeup make her more enticing.
Considering the doll material, this type of sex doll is also used in:
¬ Brothels for sexual intercourse and pleasures. You will have to choose a type of sex doll prostitute you want want to spend the night with. For example teens, adults, older, mature milfs, etc. The ones used are mostly silicone and TPE made.
¬ The Annual Bubble Baba Challenge. Bubble Bara is a rude Russian word for a woman. This challenge (the wacky race) takes place in Russia. Participants (mostly men) carry rubber made female sex dolls with them as they race-run through the water. These sex dolls act as handy floatation tools or lifesavers. This way, the race is made more fun.
¬ Camping sites.
¬ Businesses. Besides selling them, companies manufacturing these dolls also rents them out to people at festivals, camping sites, among other places. For this purpose, they are mostly inflatable vinyl or rubber made.
The Russian sex doll is a sexy doll that you can experiment your sexual fantasies on. You get to enjoy your secret fetishes. You are just a click away.

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