Female Sex Doll

A female sex doll is a type of a sex toy inform of a sexual partner with female characteristics and orifices. The intended purpose being sexual arousal and masturbation. She bares a female skeleton or posture, head or face, breasts, pelvis or hips and orifices such as the mouth, anus and vagina. This doll looks very much alike with a real woman.

realistic sex doll

The orifices act as accessories to the doll in order to get sexual release. For example the mouth could be for kissing, its vagina and anus for intercourse. The other female features like the breasts make it comparable to a real female human being for a similar experience.
This type of doll comes in various types in terms of ethnicity. When manufactured in a given ethnicity, it looks exactly like women or girls from that particular ethnicity. The common ones include Asian which can also be further categorized into Japanese, chinese or Indian, Caucasian from the western world, Black made of African Americans and Latinos among others. Every part on their body varies in size, shape, colour, height, weight and depth from one female sex doll to the other.
The common materials used to make these toys are thermoplastic polyurethane, vinyl, fabric and silicone. Depending on the customer’s specifications, some are made on order with special instructions. For example, a buyer may want a woman with an extra large butt and small breasts, and so will it be. The orifices are often fitted with vibrators which make the experience feel more real.


Female dolls’ prices range from $11.5 for an inflatable one to thousands of dollars for models with realistic skin (like that of silicone
Unlike the real breathing human body with flesh, female sex dolls lack the small detailed sensitive parts on their bodies. For example, the inner parts of the body, hair on the skin and the other details around the female organ. However, female sex dolls are the most on demand sex dolls on the market.

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