The first time and the experience of inflatable sex doll

After get off work, casually eat some meals in the cafeteria, and then decided to go outside the stroll. The weather some cool, has not been as hot as some time ago. Walking on the outside street, watching the streets of comfortable men and women, suddenly felt a burst of impulse, the following some reaction. This feeling more and more intense, see the girl walking on the road, could not help but obscenity about. In the case of

Called chicken is a way, but also a relatively easy way, the earth people know that Dongguan’s sex industry is basically open, all kinds of varieties of chicken can find a variety of prices. But I decided not to use this method, mainly for the following considerations:

One is because looking for chickens will make me a sense of guilt to his wife;

Second, is afraid of illness, although you can wear sets, but always feel that the chicken is not clean;

Third, eat fast food boring, and spend a lot of overnight spend. In addition to find a strange place overnight will have a new insecurity.

So, for the above reasons, I decided to use another method to buy a toy to try.

Before, read a lot of the sale of adult supplies website, said that the apparatus is now comparable and real people. That being the case, it is better to buy a device, one-time investment, re-use, more cost-effective.

Immediate action. Remember to go before a resident building in a secluded corner there is an adult supplies shop, go straight away. That shop still exists.

Did not go directly, first observed a bit. Heart or some apprehension, looked around a bit, to see whether there are colleagues around to see. No, and then point a cigarette, quickly crossed into. No one in the shop, some boxes on the glass shelf. Feeling are some medicine ah, sets of things like ah, did not see the apparatus. At that time the boss did not know where to dig a smile to drill out. “What do you need?” He said, “what funny thing?”, This sentence is before I came in pondering good. The boss hippie smile to pick up a small box, “this is a good”, I saw, is the Indian god oil class of things. “I mean there is no utensil,” the boss continues to hippie smile “you’re taller than me.” I did not understand what this sentence means, do not know the “high” means that my height is higher than his high or my sexual ability than he is strong. On the height, I really much higher than him, but if it is sexual ability, how can he know that he is higher than him.

Oh, the original utensils are on the shelf. A closer look, there are about two kinds of male, a small box of packaging, which should be only one of the kind of private women. Another kind of box larger, printed on a flat chest exposed Western stunning beauty, transparent packaging also exaggerated to reveal a pair of relatively large breasts. The rest are female equipment, artificial old two straight stand up, as if the glans or red.

“Which fun?” “Of course this is myself,” the boss put the big package recommended to me, and can not wait to win down to open the package to me. I look carefully, which is a Coke bottle height, fresh flesh-colored kneeling woman, touched, feel pretty, but more than the real body or slightly harder. There is a small bottle of oil must be something, there is a square box and the artificial beauty of the United States together, I certainly know what this is used, previously seen in the adult supplies website, generally have a similar hand Control device.

The boss to the hand control installed on the battery, artificial beauty began to vibrate and issued lustful call, but unfortunately the speaker is relatively poor, more powerful distortion, beautiful bed called the sound greatly reduced.

“Do you want to wear this thing?” I asked, “I want to wear, do not want to wear,” the boss said.

“I want to wash it,” I asked, “would like to wash on the wash, do not wash all right. At least 2 years can be used” It seems that this material is still skin, I quickly calculated an account, it really is cheaper than chicken a lot of.

“How much money?” “120, to other stores to sell more than 200, I sold here enough cheap,” “I am only 110” boss eyes turn around, “Well, sold to you.

“How much is the cheapest son?” I decided to take a look at the man-made beauty, after all, or worry about the beauty of artificial beauty of the little brother caused fatal injuries.

“10”, “I rely on, so expensive. I left here the last three, you look at it”

“Well, forget, sold to you”

The boss found an opaque plastic bag, printed on the name of a stationery shop. He poured out the beauty from the box and put it in with the cover. It seems the boss to do this is still experienced, for customers to consider very thoughtful.

Carrying the bag, I am anxious to slip the dormitory.

The dormitory door off, his first uniform solution, and then took out the beauty carefully play. I am a single hostel, do not worry who saw it.

Careful observation, beauty that other people dreaming of private parts can not help but some people disappointed. The labia is only a large peanut so long, and the vagina is only a big soybean so big. Can not help but wonder, so small a hole can be inserted into the little brother? although

Consciously my little brother is not big, but also Buzhi Yu so small it.

Another thought, beauty should be flexible, should be able to. And then put the finger into the try, the feeling can be inserted into, but the little brother to have a finger so hard Caixing.

To the little brother wearing a raincoat, painted some of the above lubricants, and then solemnly to the beauty of the private office to plug.

After some effort, “splash” sound, and finally inserted into it. I rely on, really is tight, too tight, so I can not do the Pistons movement. Quickly open the hand control, which has a vibrating egg began to shock. Probably too tight, and with shock, little brother quickly itch up, with the feeling of shooting. Quickly reluctantly up and down the piston a few times, shot

The little brother pulled out, a little pain. Feeling very uncomfortable, fooled feeling, more than 100 to buy such a thing is not as good as chicken.

Is that i will not use? Is not engaged in the lubricant too little? I think for a while, decided to try again later.

There was a pot of water in the water room and I washed it. And then washed a bath, specifically to wash the little brother several times. An hour later, I decided to go back and forth to conquer the artificial beauty of the West.

Molested little brother to anger, and then wear raincoats, more on some of the oil, once again plug in the beauty of the hole.

This is much easier, but the feeling is still tight. And the same as last time, it will soon itch. This is different, because it is too tight, so sealed, can not breathe, when shooting, in front of the bag that was actually blown, but this is my first encounter.

Feeling very depressed, and this thing to play, really is not comfortable. Time is short, quick, but also hurt. There is a feeling of being cheated. As if called a chicken, chicken has to cope with the lack of professionalism. I decided to take revenge. I took out the fruit knife, the first doll beauty of the two fine breasts cut off. And then insert the knife into the private parts of the doll. Knife, I put this deceptive doll beauty relief.

Then, to the water room washed wash, tired to sleep.

I do not know if I bought this quality is not good, or I will not use, always fail.

The next morning, I will move the artificial doll into a bag, go very far, thrown into a trash.

At this time, my heart suddenly produced a strange feeling.